If you're interested in commissioning me for custom chiptune loops, songs etc. for gold here's the shop thread:
Figured I should put something about that on here.

Calling all Gaia Online users who like chiptune and stuff

begging pardons for the inactivity, bros.

2012-01-09 21:14:25 by Namahsaron

I know i haven't been posting a lot of new music for the last couple of months, and for that i apologize... on the brighter side though things with my schedule seem to be shifting around in my favor, allowing me a fair bit more time to work on some more 8 bit doodads to post every now and then-- a few hours a day is all i need to make some progress. life is getting mega busy for me though and i'm starting a new semester with classes that'll likely require more homework, on top of my need to learn to drive and all the shit i'm going to have to get together to prepare for college... it's really making me wish i had a laptop to bring with me so i could work on this shit while i'm in free period in school.

nonetheless, i haven't died entirely. i do have a wip or two cooking; the one i like's posted on my tumblr blog here. just haven't touched it in a while... :T i promise it'll get done. eventually. somehow.

begging pardons for the inactivity, bros.

(copied from my tumblr post, since i figure i might get some good answers here too, if any.)

i've been thinking of trying to expand my horizons when it comes to music making


i'm not sure what sort of programs i should look for

doesn't really matter what type, whether 8 bit or otherwise low-fi or with shooper amayshing synths or what have you

i'm kind of curious as to what people following me have as per suggestions for software because i have no fuck clue about the subject outside of my comfy area of casual FamiTracker usage.

so yeah

anybody who knows of such software that doesn't require more than a computer running on windows xp (albeit rather poorly) is invited to leave their input on the subject because i am rather curious

... i realize i could stop being a lazy ass and research these things myself, but

i'd rather see what kind of recommendations anybody reading this may have first, if they wish to make any that is.

i don't want to start being a nitpicking turd, but if you do make a suggestion i'd also like to know if it's freeware, or if it's only available by purchase either by retail or online.

in the event that anyone does respond to this with feedback, thanks. i've found that i really enjoy making music, and your help in furthering that is well appreciated. :>

Soooo... just hitting the first weekend since school started. ugggh i'm already tired as shit.

since then i've started work on a new song yesterday, and i might finish it before the weekend's over with. might. I will either call it Monkey Face McGee or My Universe Has No Center... i knew i said i was gonna name these in a specific order, but i don't know if it has enough of the... attitude to go well with the first name in line. I'm experimenting with a really yummy arpeggio effect, so it sounds a lot more... i dunno, epic than a title like Monkey Face McGee would give it credit for. :T;; I kind of prefer the idea of calling it MUHNC since it sounds kind of space-ish


anyway, yeah.

also got a couple other titles that i wanted to use.

The Legend of Sinister Softserve

Cut It Paste It Turkey Baste It

WH4TNOWB1TCH --> i really want to try and remix this:

it's like a 30-second loop, but i really fuckin' want to remix this in FT, build on it and maybe base a song around it with this as a chorus refrain thing or something. aaaaaaa

Oh, yeah. prolly should be clearer by now that I'm kind of a Homestuck fan.

Anyway... is it just me or are these just getting more and more ridiculous? and... food-related?

maybe i need to eat.

okay so here's the lowdown on how it's gonna go folks. or something.

2011-08-24 03:08:52 by Namahsaron

i figure i may as well keep people posted on when they should expect more 8 bit crap from me, and what to expect in general.

that is if they even want to read my news posts trolololol

anyway the facts of the matter are that i'm having a lot of issues getting the wireless to work on my own computer since it's so far away from my house's router and as a trait it's terrible at recieving a proper signal. and since i pretty much live on Tumblr for most of the day i don't go on my own comp much. and my own comp is the one that i do all of my 8-bitting on unless i need to work on something with a deadline, because it's too much trouble getting FT onto this comp and off of it when i'm done unless i really need to. can't leave it on cause dad is a freakin' stickler about wasted space. :T

but worry not. i am actually working on something i'm motivated to get done; a second attempt at a Laugh At Life remix that I'm making good progress on; i'm doing it based on the original Jackal Queenston feat. Mayhem version, i do believe, so it isn't as fucking hard to identify all the notes.

Aside from that I have a few titles planned. No tunes, just titles. That's how half this shit starts...

Monkey Face McGee

My Universe Has No Center


The Ostrich Cam

Avon Sells Beans

On top of that you're likely to see more from the Nightmarestuck OST, so you'll likely get a trickle of content before the summer's over altogether.

So you haven't seen the last of me. don't worry... or worry. whatever works.